Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot, Hot Summer

I'm still working on the's been a process. I haven't been able to get the design and header the way I want it just yet. Bare with me, pleaseeeee. I promise to get cracking on it right away! ;)

So I've decided this will be a fashion blog much like my Chictopia. I'll add in some bits and pieces of different things once in a while too.
Since my last post, I finished school for the summer, saw Eclipse twice in the theater (hehe), have been volunteering two days a week at my town’s library, and have been trying to enjoy my summer. Volunteering at the library has been quite a change. The only problem is I work very hard and don't get paid, lol. But it feels good to do something just because. The library staff really depends on me and my help, so it is a great feeling.

I had some family visiting from Alabama and family stuff going on for the last couple weeks so I haven’t really gotten around to taking pictures. I’ve been lazy about it and it has

been super hot here in Washington lately so I haven’t really been wanting to spend too much time outside while the sun is blazing. 90 degree weather for a pale Washingtonian is pretty much torture. Lol.
I’m not 100% sure I like this outfit, but I wanted to post something. The pics aren’t the best either, please forgive me. This shirt is pretty much one of my favorite pieces. I love the detailing around the neck and on the bottom of the sleeves. The pants are unbelievably comfortable. I’ve had them for a while but have just been to afraid to wear them out and have been unsure how to style them. But I was in a “I don’t care what people think” mood so I decided to give them a try.
Hope everyone likes the outfit!


P.S. Thought I'd share a little something with everyone. I'm always looking for inspiration and something new. So I am always on Youtube, I love it! There's always something new and exciting to learn. I follow a lovely woman named Lauren who does make-up tutorials. She does a lot of celebrity inspired looks. She's really talented. I love fashion and make-up and think they go hand and hand, so I would like to share it with all you.

I really like this one for summer. It's inspired by Katy Perry's look in her California Girls video. It's a pretty vintage inspired look.

Visit her Youtube for more videos!

My outfit:
Pants by H&M
Shirt from Red Light Vintage
Belt by H&M
Shoes by Payless Shoes

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