Monday, July 12, 2010

I Love My Cowboy Boots!

Gotta Love Cowboy Boots
Gosh, my hair is wild and crazy! It's my natural texture. I usually painstakingly blow dry it and straighten it, but it’s been hot and I can’t stand using heat, so I let it go wild and do its thing. I got right up in the morning and marched out to my front yard in the grassy area that my dad doesn’t mow, and started snapping away. Almost sweated to death by the end of my little photo shoot, lol. I love the first picture. It's probably my favorite of me ever. I really love it. It has a kinda country look with a slight vintage feel. It was super bright so I couldn't really look up at the camera without being blinded. I always get a little freaked out going in that part of my yard - my family calls it, "the field" - where the grass is high...I saw a rat in there a few weeks ago. My dog and cat were hunting it and it ran right past me. They didn't know where it went, and I couldn't let them kill it, it would of been sad, so I didn't alert them. It's still out there somewhere, so I get afraid I'll step on it. I love love love this dress. I love the print and the fit. It fits me like a glove! And it has these great, big pockets on the sides, I love it


I’ve had the cowboys boots since I got them for Christmas back when I was 12 or 13, lol. But I never really wore them then. I’m really happy that my feet didn’t grow any longer and that they still fit! My feet decided to start growing rapidly at an early age. I reached my now woman's size 9 by middle school. And the rest kinda stopped then too, ending up with all 5'4" of me. I’m also glad I kept them all these years. They're great. I never like to get rid of clothes or shoes or any accessory until it's super worn, because you never know when things will be popular and "in style" again. Harper's Bazaar also recommends it! :D


I just hate getting rid of stuff because you end up seeing something (a certain style of shoes, a specific kind of printed dress...etc) that you once had in a magazine again a few years later and you kick yourself in the butt for getting rid of it! Like clogs heels I used to wear when I was younger that are now "in" again, for example. All of the trends come back eventually. I wish my mom would have kept her clothes and accessories from the 1980s and 1990s! (She grew up as a teen in the 1980s and had me in the beginning of the 90s.) To me, that would have been amazing to have all those original pieces and give life again to my own mom's clothes. Like her floral dresses from the 90s...I would have died! Lol. It would have been very cool and special for me. She'll see something I'm wearing and go, "I had something just like that back in (whatever year)!" She always says how she regrets it all the time for not keeping everything for me.


I'm considering doing it myself one day for my children, grandchildren, or nieces. Just packing up my favorite pieces, old jewelry, and trends from different decades to be opened like a treasure box one day. I'm already doing it with my cheerleading uniforms and pom poms from junior high and high school.
The only problem is trying to find somewhere to store everything! So if you have a big attic or basement or maybe your parents do, I'd recommend it! :)

I will be house sitting for my aunt this week, so I won't probably be posting anything till the weekend.


My outfit:
Dress by Wet Seal
Boots by Forever 21
Hat by Forever 21


Beth said...

great advice and cute boots!

Robyn said...

These photos are really stunning. The green background really highlights the look. Also, and ridiculously jealous of your boots. The hunt for a pair of my own continues.

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