Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hanging By the Ocean Side

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Last week I went to a family friend's wedding with my family. I thought I'd post some pictures of us all dressed up.

The wedding was at the Semiahmoo Resort next to the ocean in Blaine, Washington. It was so beautiful. I loved the resort itself, the exterior looked like a huge old fashion beach house with faded yellow paint and faded light green trim. It was so cute!

Something about being next to the ocean sets me at ease. I love it. I live about 30 minutes from the shore access in my town and I wish I could go out there more often. My dream has always been to live in a Victorian house on the ocean.

The photos above and to the right are of me and my two younger brothers. And the photo below is of my parents. We all went fancy clothes shopping the day before the wedding because none of us really had nice dress clothes. I have a few dresses, but who can resist getting a new one! I found this one at JcPennys when I went dress shopping with my mom. It was on sale for $15! Gosh, I love finding a good sale! The straps had some black beads on them grouped together to look like little flowers (if that makes sense, lol), but I didn't really like it, so a
simple sweep of a seam-ripper fixed that!

If the price is right, you can always alter something to be more your style or fix it to be a better fit for you. I need to re-just the straps on the dress to better fit my small figure. They are a bit too long, but for only $15, that's nothing! I don't mind putting a little work into something to make it unique or perfect for me.

I haven't really been home much or been feeling well to get around to take any outfit photos. I was in the emergency room all day yesterday. I woke up with a tight and painful stomach and everything I tried wouldn't stop the pain. The pain got more intense as the day went on and my parents finally decided to take me to the hospital because they were afraid I might need to get my appendix taken out. Turns out, I produce kidney stones. Surprise to me! I'm still can't believe it. I would have never guessed!

I'm going to be staying with my grandparents for a few days next to the ocean so I'm hoping to get some good photos up there next to the beach. They have a really nice boat and I'd love to get some photos posing on or next that! So outfit pics are soon to come! Well, I got to go and pack! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


My outfit:
Dress from JcPennys
Handband by Forever 21
Gray tights from JcPennys
Shoes from Payless
Necklace: vintage from my grandma
Bracelets by H&M


amanda lynn? said...

i love your outfit! And that same exact thing happened to my friend with the kidney stone! I heard it's very painful. I hope your feeling better soon.

libys11 said...

looks like a great event! :D you look elegant and classy! :D

Animated Confessions

Fashion-Resort! said...

Your dress is gorgeaus! im your 6. follower now:)

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