Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obsession: Tea Time

Vintage Tea
tea time
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Pretty Vintage Tea Cup
vintage tea set hire

Within this month I have developed this crazy obsession with tea. My cousin Bre, and I went to tea a few weeks back (click for post & photos) and I had my first cup. I now have a cup or two every day. It's getting out of hand! Haha. I don't like having vices, because I go overboard. Trust me, I had Cup Noodles every day for about 7 years (ages 13-20). And if I didn't I would have withdrawals, so when I traveled, they came with. Haha. It became like a drug and it was absolutely ridiculous! So I'm scared about this whole tea thing I've started. I guess it's just like people with their coffee. Which is why I have never allowed myself to try coffee! Haha.

I've been having Lipton Mixed Berry Green Tea and Lipton Bavarian Wild Berry Pyramid Black Tea. I really have no clue about tea so I just grabbed what I thought looked good. These two are alright. I want to find a good one for night time too.

Are any of you tea drinkers? What's your favorite tea or tea brand? And what kind of creme do you use? I'm so lost in the tea aisle! Haha.


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islabell said...

lady. you are not alone.
i drink tea all day long.
mainly boring english breakfast (twinings or pg tips) and lady grey with a spash of milk...
If i have company i've been brewing rose tea, its delicious. you can use dried roses or buy it in the bag (brewhaha make a lovely blend).
At night peppermint and licorice are my favorite.

can you tell i'm obsessed? :)


p.s. Thankyou so much for the was so sweet of you. I just love your blog....and i will be entering your giveaway

Fernanda said...

Hey Courtney! Your blog is so cute!! Love it!! I'm already following you!

Amber Blue Bird said...

i tried to have a cup of tea every other day or so. I pretty much just stick to green tea. Now coffee on the other hand is another story, I have a cup every single day. Thats really my vice

fashionista said...

For spring i love ''homemade ice tea'' :) You basically make tea (i love fruity tropical-mix ones :) and let it cool... Then freshly squeeze a loot of lemon juice and instead of sugar I like to put honey :) Much more healthier :)

Lovely post <3

Stephanie said...

I love chai lattes from Starbucks and iced tea.

Charlotte said...

haha I am British so I can definitely appreciate this.
I live in the States though and have managed to get my roommate to enjoy a good cuppa :]]

Charlotte xxx

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