Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catch Up!

Hey everyone! I'm back...finally! I'm sorry I was gone so long. But I'm going to be blogging like crazy now! :)


I'm gonna try and catch you up on what's been going on with me since my last post. Well, first off, I graduated college! I can't believe it! I now have an associate degree in Technical Arts in Law Enforcement and an Associate in General Studies. I received honors with both degrees. And what was most special about graduating, was that I got to walk with my mom.

There was no order in which the graduates were suppose to walk, so I insisted that my mom go first, since it was a bigger moment for her, it was her first time walking at graduation (she got pregnant with me in high school and wasn't able to graduate). But she said I HAD to go first, that she was too afraid she'd trip or mess up somehow. Haha. Gosh, I love that woman.

I was nervous with all that attention. Notice the crazy gum chewing and how I was racing to my seat? :D

My grandma made me this sign: "Now that you've graduated, I made you this just in case your college stuff doesn't work out, you'll have a back up."

My grad cousin Avery being a cutie! The ice cream cake was too cold for him.

There have been some other changes too. I have been looking for a new job, which has been soaking up my energy and time. Bath & Body Works just isn't cutting it (3 hours a week? No, please). So I'm waiting to hear back from a couple places. Fingers crossed! I also worked over the last weekend temping for DKNY for their big holiday sale. My first time working in a clothing store! And I didn't make it out without buying something! Or a few things actually! $30 for a pair of pants normally priced $89! I mean come on! :)

And I'm sooo excited for this! I will be getting my very first DSLR camera this weekend! I've been dying for one for so long! But I'm debating between the Canon Rebel T1i and the T2i. Decisions, decisions...
Let me know if you have opinions on either one! I need help choosing!

Stay tuned for videos, hauls, and outfit posts! They're on their way! Once I get my new camera, there will be no stopping me! :)


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