Monday, August 9, 2010

And as the Sun Goes Down

Thank you all for your lovely comments! You guys are too sweet! Your comments make my day! Kallie (of Happy, Honey and Lark), your comment made me laugh! Being told I look anything like Evan Rachel Wood at all is a huge comment to me. Thank you! And yes, no Marilyn Manson for me though! :D

I got these pics in right before it got too dark. I love living on a big piece of land (at least it is considered pretty large in my town - two acres) and being able to take pics everywhere.

I took these photos about four days ago when it was sunny. I wish the rain and gloom that we've been having lately in Wa would go away! It's suppose to clear up on Wednesday according to the weatherman. I hope he's right, I'm tired of crappy weather! It's summer for crying out loud!
Now for the outfit...

The dress is from Wet Seal. It has a navy racer-back tank top that stops just below the chest and then continues with a floral print. It has pockets! I love pocketed dresses!! I got it on sale for $19. I fell in love with the floral print instantly.

I’m also in love with these ruffle socks! I used to wear them when I was a little girl for special occasions. I have been searching and searching for some reasonably priced ones forever (Urban Outfitters has them for $19! Ouch!) so I was so happy when I finally found them at a local grocery store with my best friend. I ended up buying two pairs and my best friend got some as well. They’re adorable I think! Makes me feel like a child again, hah.

I got the blazer and the loafers both for $6.99 from Value Village a little while ago. I remember my mom had went thrifting with me and saw that I was going to buy the loafers. She started laughing and said, "Your dad had ones just like these back in the 80s!" Lol.

Last week, I kinda scuffed up the toes when I was walking down a dock while boating with my family. The boards were far apart and the tips of my shoes kept getting stuck and my feet kept falling in between. Makes me sad. I'm gonna have to polish them and make them like new!

I really like the blazer. The only thing I'm unsure about is it has big shoulder pads in it and I’ve considered cutting them out a few times. I have another blazer with pads too, but they're not so poofy and in your face. What do you guys think? Keep or cut?

It's a size 8, which is three sizes too big for me, but when I roll up the sleeves, it just looks like a boyfriend blazer. Just the way I like my blazers! I was happy I could make it work cause I loved the color and really wanted a pink blazer. I didn't care how many sizes too big it was, I was getting it no matter what!

The only problem with it is it was most likely owned by an older woman before me because it smells like body powder and Chanel No. 5 perfume. Just like my grandma! Lol. I’ve washed it about three times since I bought it back in June and the smell won’t completely go away!!! Lol. A little bit of my favorite, Gwen Stefani’s G, covers the smell though! :D


My outfit:
Pink Blazer from Value Village
Dress by Wet Seal
Black bow headband by Forever 21
Sock from Fred Meyer
Vintage leather tassel loafer shoes from Value Village


Diya said...

what a cute bow on your hair! I looked through a couple of your posts and I love how beautifully laidback each photo a sunday picnic in the meadows.

PS. love the floral + blazer color matching.

Sarah said...

Such a great outfit I love it!!

Cara said...

Your loafers and frilly socks combo is killing me. Just too cute. I love it.


carlotta said...

ohhh my gosh i love your outfit. your dress is the bomb.

Linda said...

what a lovely blog!

Amanda said...

Aw this is so cute! I love the dress and the bow! Great outfit lady :]

Courtney said...

Thanks very much everyone!!!! :D

Amber Blue Bird said...

Love the penny loafers! I need a black pair.

ZoƩ Hermsen said...

loveee the shoes! i want them..;p

nice blog, really like the whole dreamy mood! i always like it when people have this remarkable style in their blog/clothes/pictures(:


Ruby And Siel said...

I love your outfit! especially your bow :)

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