Sunday, August 8, 2010

Photography Addict

Man, I’ve been taking outfit pictures everyday the last few days. When it's sunny, I always try to fit in some photo time because Washington weather is so unpredictable. It was sunny for a long time for Wa and now it's been raining the last three days. I hate rainy photos so I have to take tons of pictures in advance when the sun actually makes an appearance. I have a bunch on my computer I just finally finished editing.

I don’t really like spending all day editing and going through pictures, but I’ve gotta catch up for my lack of outfit posts lately! So I promise more will follow! :)
Please excuse the wrinkled skirt! :(
It’s been sitting in the back of one of my dresser drawers since I got it when I went back to school shopping last fall and for some reason…we don’t own an iron, lol. Whenever I really need something somewhat crisp, I have to try and use my hair straighter, haha. I definitely need to go buy one.

I love this shirt! This is one of the finds I found the other day at Value Village that I was talking about in my last outfit post. It was only $3.99! It has beautiful lace detailing and pretty white faux pearl buttons. I like the tie at the top too, which I tied in a bow.
It was in the small section, but I didn’t look at the tag to see that it was actually marked an extra small, but it’s too adorable not to wear. It’s just a little tight in the chest area, lol. Having to say that is quite rare for me, my chest area usually has plenty of room, haha.
It's kinda a weird pale yellow mixed with a hint of pea-soup green and with creamy lace around the collar and chest. I was kinda unsure about it at the store. I didn't know if the color would suit me, but I just held on to it throughout the time I was shopping and decided to get it. My mom encouraged me to buy it, she loved it. I'm happy I did get it now!
Sometimes I'm a little doubtful of items in the store, but end up getting them, and falling in absolute love later. The things I doubt or slightly dislike at first are usually the things I love the most later. Strange, huh? Lol.

Tip: If you're doubtful of something and aren't completely sure of it is you, here's what to do:
  • Think of your wardrobe. Would this make a good addition? Do you have something in your closet that you could pair and combine it with? Is the style of the item something you like or would like to start adding to your wardrobe?
  • Put it back on the rank. Now walk away. Are you still thinking about it? If you are...I think you should get it.
  • Think for a second, will you regret it that you didn't get it when you get home? I've done this many times and lost'll be kicking yourself in the butt later.
  • Be brave and just do it! Buy it if you have any attraction to it at all. If you like something, you have to get it or it'll be gone.
I've been looking for a vintage Dooney and Burke for a while. There's usually a few at my local thrift stores, but they're either not in the best shape or I don't really like the color or something.

I had went to the Goodwill, saw one on display and went and looked at it. It was in pretty bad shape and was marked $19! Total rip off in my cheap opinion! So that was a no for me. As I was walking away from it, I thought, "I've been looking forever...will I ever find one?" After looking for some clothes and searching through the purses again, I went directly to Value Village afterward and repeated the process. But this time, what did I find? This purse! In nearly brand new condition! For $6.99! It just shows that you should never give up hope. Waiting does pay off sometimes.

I'm very happy I found the perfect one for me. It's my new favorite!!!! I love that it has a long strap so I can use it as a cross-body bag, one of my current obsessions. When I first picked it up, it didn't have a strap and I thought it was just a hand-held purse, but I was very happy when I opened it and found that it indeed had a strap that had been unclipped and tucked inside. But I love the color more than anything! I'd never seen one in hunter green before. All the ones at the thrift shops are consistently brown or sometimes cream. Which reminds me, a nice cream one is now on my list, lol.

It really amazes me what you can find at a thrift store and for so little too. Value Village is definitely like a second home…well, after the library! :p
As you all know, it is Sunday. One of the days I typically dread because it means school's the next day. However, during the summer, I LOVE Sundays, because True Blood is on. Hehe. My mom, brother, and I are obsessed with it. I'm not gonna lie, I'm also a little obsessed with Joe Manganiello, who plays the werewolf, Alcide. Haha.
Anyone else watch it?
I'll be posting some more outfit posts soon and a couple diy tutorials in the next couple days.
Have a good Sunday everyone! Thanks for all your comments and followings!


My outfit:
Blouse from Value Village
Skirt by Forever 21
Jewelry by H&M
Vintage shoes from Value Village
Vintage purse by Dooney and Burke from Value Village


Cara said...

Love your shoes and bag <3

amanda lynn? said...

i am so jealous of that top! it so adorable and for that cheap, thats amazing. and you are sooo gorgeous! your hair looks great like that.

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

You are so pretty, and your outfit is amazing. It belongs in an English garden. Also, you kind of look like Evan Rachel Wood (without that creeper Marilyn Manson hanging on top of you)

Courtney said...

Aw, thank you guys!!! <3

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