Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspiration - Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Oh Blair. If you have ever watched Gossip Girl or caught a glimpse of Leighton Meester's character somewhere else, I'm sure you've noticed that Blair Waldorf has got style.

Blair's wardrobe has gained a lot of media attention in the few years that Gossip Girl has been airing. Glamour magazine named Blair one of the best-dressed TV characters of all time, for example. In 2010, Miss Selfridge created a collection inspired by four popular characters of Gossip Girl, including Blair (it has since sold out).

This character has inspired me from the very beginning. When the show first started, my 17 year old self was in awe over her sense of style and love of headbands.

Blair's wardrobe is preppy, posh, classic, and very thought out and polished. You'll never see her wearing sweatpants and tennis shoes! Her outfits usually always include lace, ruffles, or bow details. She loves skirts, dresses, flashy tights, tailored pieces, and a great pair of heels or flats. And you can't forget her headband addiction! She's the only "person" I've ever seen who has a larger headband collection than me.

I love her girly sense of style, her tights and accessories. And how she regularly adds a bright colored tight or accessory for a pop of color. She is definitely one of my (fictional) style icons. I'd die to raid her closet!

Does anyone watch Drop Dead Diva? My mom and I always watch it together and lately my dad and one of my younger brothers have caught an episode or two here and there. My mom and I watched the season finale last night and to our surprise, my dad and brother were disappointed that we didn't watch it with them too! Haha. I find it pretty hilarious that they now like it too.

In a previous post, I mentioned how I had just discovered that I produce kidney stones. Tomorrow morning I am going to have a couple procedures done to help break up the stones currently stored in my right kidney. I'm not sure how the procedures will effect me so I might not be posting anything for a few days if I'm not feeling very well. Sorry guys! I'll try though! :)

Thanks to my new followers!!! And thank you for all your comments!
I appreciate it more than you know!!! :)


Sources: All photos belong to and are from the CW.


Amber Blue Bird said...

I'll help you raid her closet!

Lynzy said...

Just discovered your blog and have enjoyed browsing, I will definitely be back :) Stop by sometime!

xo Lynzy

Porcelain complexion said...

I adore her style too, ladylike chic with a preppy edge.

Hope you feel better soon! Kidney stones don't sound like much fun at all!!!

Serah Alabi ♥ said...

Cool Post and ur Blog is cool to


minnja said...

So lovely

Emma said...

She has THE BEST clothes EVER. Wardrobe envy all the time!

Love your blog; can't not follow x

maggeygrace said...

Oh gosh, I'm drooling over this. I just love Blaire too! My 14 year old self was dying in agony over her clothes when the show came on. It's just so divine. Her headbands....ahh! I think they inspired every girl in the country to wear them. They are on trend right now, after all! My favorite is the outfit with her bow tights. CUTE

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