Friday, August 6, 2010

Let Summer Stay Forever...Please!

I went thrift shopping the other day with my mom at my favorite, Value Village, and found a lot of great stuff! It's gonna be one of the only great places to shop for cheap in my sucky least for me, lol. I'd rather not venture to the horrid outlet mall we have and spend an hour searching for a parking spot, just to shop at ridiculously high priced stores.

Not that I won't kill for a good mall or a big H&M...I'm just on a budget right now...a very low one. So I'm avoiding stores and trying to work on my slight shopping addiction for the rest of the summer, lol. I figure, okay, yeah, I want to shop and have something new to mix in with my wardrobe, so I'll just spend less and get more in the long run. Makes sense, right? Ahh, anyone else got a shopping problem? Lol.

But I am very happy with my process and money saving skills. I found both the tops ($3.99 or $4.99) and the hat ($6.99) there as well as a couple more tops and a vintage cross-body Dooney and Burke ($6.99) in an amazing hunter green. You’ll be seeing the other items in future posts soon. I swear, I can’t even leave VV without finding something! The Liz Claiborne denim top is a shirt I’m pretty sure, but it doubles as a vest! :D

I swear Florence + the Machine is fuel for the soul! I seriously don’t know how many times I’ve listened to Lungs on repeat. Gotta share!

Song: "Rabbit Heart" by Florence and the Machine off the album, Lungs.
My favoriteeee! ;)


My outfit:
White shirt by INC from Value Village
Denim vest top by Liz Claiborne from Value Village
Navy rose and polka dot skirt by Forever 21
Navy lace up shoes by Forever 21


amanda lynn? said...

this outfit is so cute, i love the stuff you got thrifting. and I also have a tiny shopping addiction and I do not make nearly enough money to support it. it's a horrible thing.

Beth said...

Love this outfit. I am not a big floral fan but for some reason when it is paired with denim it always looks awesome. Also, I love the little ruffle detail on the top. Very cute.

eelectroCutee said...

I love rabbit hearts too... florence is one of the cool girls on earth... hahahaha
she has great style too... :)

by the way, I love your outfit lovely.. :)

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