Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out in the Bitter Cold

Oh my, it's March already!? That means:
1) I am about a week away from being done with college!!!!
2) I'll be free from school for once in my life!
3) I'm probably going to be looking for a second job since I'll be done with classes.
4) Spring is coming! Yay!
5) A few months closer to summer, less clothing/layers, garage sales, graduation, Breaking Dawn Part I (hehe), outdoor family togethers, road trips, and sun, sun, sun! ...Just to name a few.

Wooo! Thanks everyone who recently subscribed!! So happy you're all following! :)

My cold definitely took a turn for the worse since my last post. I got really bad last week and am finally feeling semi-normal. Missing work is a killer for me and I ended up having to miss one shift (my first time ever!), kick myself in the butt for losing money, and suffered through the rest of the work week and weekend. Do you know how hard it is to work in a lotion shop (Bath & Body Works) with tons of pretty smelling things and not actually being able to smell?!? Especially when we just got some new scents in!! Lol. Thankfully, we had a sudden snow storm that lasted days which saved me from having to go to school. It's been really frustrating because I wanted to go outside and take outfit pictures so bad, but I was stuck in bed. But while resting and in between sleeping and drugging myself with NyQuil, I did get some reading done (finished Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin), started a new book (Mini Shopaholic), watched movies like one of my favorites, Beetlejuice, and finally got to look through my magazine subscriptions that never get much attention.

I took these photos a few weeks back before this miserable cold...
It was so freezing out that day that my hands were swollen and pruney like I had been sitting in a bathtub for hours. Haha. How flattering!

Out in the Bitter Cold IIIOut in the Bitter ColdIMG_5805-1IMG_5744-1 - Copy

My view while being stuck inside...

Out my window

My cat looking out my bedroom window. My view from my bed.

I'm still disappointed I couldn't get any pictures out in the snow. It was so pretty! :(
Okay, I'm done whining now. Lol.

Stay happy and healthy everyone! :)

P.S. I'm messing around with the layout, header, and pretty much everything, so it might look a bit weird for a while.

My outfit:
Forever 21 white loose fit tee $4.80
Forever 21 black cardigan $10
Forever 21 dusty pink scarf $7
Forever 21 navy rose skirt $13.50
Forever 21 gray tights $3.50
H&M white socks $3
Thrifted vintage belt $1
Thrifted vintage boots $6.99


Kristi said...

Everything about this outfit is perfect! Love the boots with the socks!

Emma said...

you look really beautiful, so girly and pretty. lovely skirt! your cat looks so cute too

Amber Blue Bird said...

glad you are feeling better. i too cant wait for warmer weather, the cold has overstayed its welcome. oh and Beetlejuice is one of my fave films!

KalynBlaire said...

I looovee love love your blog. Its actually something I would take time reading. and you dress sooo amazing and all your pictures are glorious.
this was such a cheap outfit but so adorable!
you just seem like a pretty cool girl.
i shall follow? yes.


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