Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video Sunday + Blog Make Over

Whew. I can finally breathe a little! For the last 2-3 days, I have been working non-stop on this dang blog! For the first time in months, I didn't work over the weekend, so I decided to finally dedicate some time to fixing everything how I wanted it for once. I spent quite some time staring at html codes and the design page for my layout, but I'm satisfied, I think. The blog really needed some work! It's still basic and simple, but I like it. I only have a few things to fix up, but it's pretty much complete!
Over the course of changing everything, I made like a million headers, but ended up hating them all. Then the other night in pure frustration, I walked away from my computer and failed attempts, grabbed my camera, small tripod, and sat on the floor in front of the wall in my bedroom and spent an hour taking shot after shot, determined to produce something. I did get a lot of really good shots. I was fueled and focused. I was on a roll and I love when that happens! The only bad thing was I was so focused, I didn't realize that I was slowing murdering my right ring finger! I had put a vintage pearl cluster ring with an elastic band (that was my great grandma's) on my finger before I got into shooting mode. I wanted to wear it on that finger, but the elastic band was a little too big and stretched out from the many years of wear. So, I stretched it a little and wrapped it around my finger twice. I didn't notice how purple and swollen it was until I was finally done and editing the pictures. I'll have you know that in the current header, that finger was all sorts of blue and purple! Thanks to some editing software, it looks normal, besides for the fact that it looks a little fat around the ring. Haha.
So what I want to know now you guys like it??

I also added a new page and some new features I'll be doing from now on. "Currents" (which I might change the name of, it sounds weird) is a list of everything I am currently reading, listening to, watching, obsessed with, and using (I'll probably add more). I know how some of you guys want me to share a little more of my personal life and I found this would be a good way to keep you all up to date with some of it. And that way if you have been wondering about what make up products I use or the things I can't live without, that should help, right? It's a work in progress. Definitely let me know if there's anything you'd like me to add!
"Obsessions" is a new feature I'll be doing similar to inspiration posts. I'll be sharing whatever I'm admiring, wanting, or liking. It'll be all over the place. I also plan on doing some tutorials, more vlogs, and more day to day life posts. I have so many ideas and I'm really excited to get going!

Ah!! With working till 4 am on the new blog layout, I haven't been able to share some exciting news!! I was accepted as a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger!!! They had taken a break from accepting applications, so I kept checking back, then saw on Tuesday that they were allowing for you to submit your blog for review. I submitted an application right then and was instructed that I should receive a response of yes or no within a week or two. I logged into my email the next morning and a message popped up. I had been accepted!! I am so EXCITED!! Thanks again Teen Vogue and The Fashion Click Team!! I can't wait to get some outfit posts up! They are still accepting applications, so if you're interested, I suggest submitting your site at:

Alright, I think I caught you up on everything I wanted/needed to. SORRY for the LONG post!

"Misery" from the album Misery by Maroon 5

I know the "Misery" video came out a long time ago, but I still love this song and video! Adam Levine is so cute too! I love his voice. My 12 year old self used to listen to their first album, Songs About Jane, over and over and over again. Oh, and if you didn't know, that is actually his real life girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model, Anne Vyalitsyna in the video with him. Speaking of which, I guess I'll share Maroon 5's latest video "Never Gonna Leave This Bed," which also features Anne...

"Never Gonna Leave This Bed" off the album Misery by Maroon 5

Dang, I love this song so much too!! Haha. She's so lucky. He seems like an amazing boyfriend. He's so into her. I'm jealous! =D

I'm off for the night. Bye ladies!


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