Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inspiration: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts

I know this is not much of an inspiration post, but I love the photography. It's photography inspiration for me! I'm always ripping photo spreads and ads out of magazines and saving them to gain inspiration later. My collection is quite large and steadily growing into this messy heap in my desk drawer. Organizing them is on my long "to do" list. I need to get some spring cleaning done!

Man, Emma Roberts always gets the best photo shoots! I still love the last photos I posted of her from back in October. I want her striped pants in the first photo so bad! She will be featured in the April issue of Elle Magazine (U.S.).

You can read the article on her from the issue here.

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Photo creds: Photos are property of Elle Magazine

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Caroline Lie said...

Beautiful pictures!

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