Monday, April 4, 2011

Q & A Monday


I have been wanting to start a question and answer feature for a while. You guys ask me a lot of questions in the comments, which is a difficult way for me to effectively give a reply. Until Blogger gives us a better commenting system, if ever, I will do Q&A posts on Mondays, depending on how many questions I get regularly. I do have a Formspring account, with a question box located in the left column, but I figure this is a better way to answer you guys. I haven't decided on an image for the post, so until then, I'll use this adorable photo of my cat, Coco LaBouche.

I went through all the questions I have been asked since I started this blog.

Q: Do you shop online at Forever 21?
A: Yes, I do. I mentioned how I prefer to shop there online vs. shopping in the store, in my recent Forever 21 haul video. I get all stressed out shopping in the store, because it's crazy in there and it takes me so long to browse (especially when the F21 I go to has two floors) and debate my purchases, and everyone I usually shop with don't enjoy shopping like I do, and push me along. I like to take my time! Haha.

Q: Do you know you look like Chloe Sevigny?

A: Frankly, I don't think I do. Lol. I've heard this twice (for the first time in my life) recently from fellow bloggers. At an upward angle, my nose looks similar to Chloes, like in my header picture, but other than that, I don't see it at all! Lol. I've watched her on Big Love for the last five seasons, and never saw a resemblance. Funny. Other than her, people have told me I look like Taylor Swift (most common), Evan Rachel Wood, Avril Lavigne, Fashion Squad blogger Carolina Engman, and of course my parents! Haha.

Q: Have you ever watched Be Kind Rewind?
A: This question was asked in relation to me thinking Jack Black is funny. I have seen Be Kind Rewind, but my favorite Jack Black movie is Nacho Libre. I LOVE this movie, it's hilarious. It's by the same guy, Jared Hess, who did Napoleon Dynamite. It also requires the same sense of humor. A lot of people think it is dumb and don't get how it could possibly be enjoyable, but in my family, this movie is comedic perfection. This movie influenced us when naming our cat that we took in. His name is Nacho. Haha.

Q: Why don't you make a Facebook page for the blog?
A: I have made a Facebook page for Love me...Love me not, I just haven't publicly published for people to see and "like" yet. I wasn't sure if anyone would think it was necessary or like having the option to have Love me...Love me not posts on their newsfeeds. Maybe I'll publish it if more people want me to or as the blog gains more followers.

Q: Where do you live in Washington?
A: I live in the northern part of Western Washington. I live about 45 minutes to a hour north of Seattle. My city is small, but commercialized. It's not as small and isolated as a lot logging towns around us.

WA facts: There's west and east Washington. Both are very different, which is something a lot of people don't know. When you think of Washington, you probably think rain, wet, trees/forests, and oceans, right? Well, that's how it is where I live, but Eastern Washington is completely different. It's dry, sparse, warmer, covered in hills, and resembles a desert for the most part. West = logging and green, East = farming and died. It's funny cause no one knows that. Movies like Twilight (♥) make everyone think it's like Forks everywhere! Haha. Just thought I'd share that! :D

Q: What software do you use to edit your photos with?
A: I use and for altering my photos. Both are free and have great features. I use for touch ups and fixing brightness and lighting in my photos. I use picnik to add effects, font, and photo frames. I do have an old, old verison of Photoshop that I use for some things, but I barely know how to use it!

If you guys have any general questions you wish to be answered, comment on this post with them or email them to me at:! And I'll answer them next time! Ask me anything! Personal, fashion related, whatever! I want this to be fun feature! :)

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